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Gut Wisdom: Understanding and Improving your Digestive Health
- Alyce M. Sorokie

Are you eating a reasonable diet, getting enough exercise and still experiencing indigestion, bloat, or other gut distress? Do you experience frequent knots, butterflies, tension, or more severe symptoms in your gut?

That's because diet and exercise are only part of the equation. Scientists are now proving what body/mind theorists have been saying all along: that the gut and brain are inextricably connected. Positive thoughts of joy, peace, and love contribute to a healthy gut. Negative thoughts of rage, resentment, and anxiety are like toxins in the gut.

Gut Wisdom™  will help you learn how to listen to your gut to achieve total body health. Unlike other books on digestion, it is a friendly, readable, easy-to-understand guide that gives you specific procedures you can use to alleviate indigestion, irritable bowel syndrome, constipation, diarrhea, and many other common ailments.

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"Gut Wisdom™ teaches how to listen to your gut's clues to bring your body, mind, and spirit into harmony..."  
Cynthia Helphingstine, Ph.D.

"Gut Wisdom™ can help you be a happy Buddha once again. Smart, well-written, and documented. I recommend it."  
Ron Klatz, M.D., D.O., President of A4M,
author of Grow Young with HGH